How do I do a Raindance?

Easy. Well, probably. To be honest, we don’t know how to do a Rain Dance either. Living in Manchester, it’s not something we tend to have to do regularly.

Our recommended dance is to march in an oval pattern, making as much noise as you and your mates can muster, shouting at the sun in an imaginary foreign language.

The ideal rain dance for you is just beyond the limit of what you feel you can get away with in a public place. Send your pictures and suggestions via our contact form.

To save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain why you’re pounding around in a circle like an angry giant whilst chanting nonsensical phrases and shouting obscenities at the sky, here are some alternative suggestions, to tease those droplets from the clouds.

  1. Leave your car sunroof open.
  2. Plan a barbecue
  3. Greet a stranger with the phrase “Ooh, lovely weather we’re having, isn’t it?”
  4. Dress in tissue paper
  5. Hang your washing out
  6. Take a day out at the seaside
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Get the lawnmower out
  9. Email us with your ideas!!

When should I perform the ritual?

We recommend a full practise run at 7PM on Wednesday 7th September. This should ensure a spot of light drizzle come Thursday morning. Thereafter, it depends on the game situation and how negative you are feeling – if the sun is shining and Strauss and Tresco are making the most of it, stay sat down. However, if the Aussies are in and Ponting is carting the England bowling attack around the ground – get dancing!

Come rain or shine next weekend, it will all be worth it, to see Michael Vaughan holding aloft that famous old trophy.