This website was conceived by us. We know sod all about cricket, and also know sod all about websites. A formidable team I think you’ll agree.

Send your ideas, comments, questions and illiterate babblings us here.


Stick Cricket – The cricket game with more punch than a KP pull shot.

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CricInfo – Cric(ket) Info(rmation). Natch.

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Your comments:

“I’m the groundsman at a local cricket club. I’m just off to water our track for Saturday (takes at least three hours to wet it properly). I’ll leave the covers in the machine shed as an added precaution. That should do it.”


“How about getting SPECTRE or SMIRSH to build a great big bloody cloud gathering machine and hoover up the worlds supply of H2O, threatening to discharge the load over London unless we hand over James Bond?”


“I’m getting married on Saturday. I think that should nail it on for bad weather…”


“Get everyone to go to Regents Park for the Cricket in the Park event. Nothing like a large scale outdoor Summer event to ensure it p*sses down.”


“I accidentally left my sunroof open on Thursday night. It rained heavily! I didn’t realise until I had to leave for work the next morning, leaving me no time to even attempt to mop up the water.
I was driving to work with puddles slopping around my feet, and my backside is absolutely soaked. I came home from work to see the thunderstorms at the Oval on television, then I heard about your website on the radio.
Although it wasn’t deliberate, I feel that I have done my bit to win back the Ashes.”

J Antony Coulthard

“Paint your garage door. Plan a weekend in the Lake District.”

Fyl-Stnsea (?)

“I think I know how we can make it rain.
Everybody needs to go to a nearby field and push a cow over, everybody knows that if the cows are lying down it is bound to rain.
I hope this helps with the ‘campaign for rain’.”

John Williams

“As you leave the house, pick up your coat, pause, then replace it with a confident ‘Nah!’. “

Adam Kitching

I went to your site off StickCricket and thats a brilliant idea! Give me any excuse to start dancing, anywhere at all and Ill do it, so the idea of rain dancing to help you poms was an especially appealing idea. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand, and we support two teams round here… New Zealand and anyone playing Australia!
So, with this in mind, at 1pm thursday NZ time (2am for you lot) my stupid friends and I began dancing to the ‘tequila song’ in the middle of our student union building. Got a couple of funny looks, less than we should have though. And as proof, I offer this pic of My mate Simeon, caught in full saturday-night-fever mode.

This evening I shall be performing a rendition of “Jerusalem” as suggested by some other website (I should probably stop with the taking suggestions from websites) and will then settle down to 5 more days of sleep deprivation.


Please note: This website was thrown together in a couple of hours, which is why it looks so, erm, sparse. I know the design is poor and the programming is shocking, but I don’t care! 😛

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